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Excelsior’s Havanese Puppies
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Do you want a Havanese puppy ... 
Then here are some questions to ponder.

- Why do I want a Havanese instead of some other breed of dog? 
In order to know the answer to this question you should find out everything you can about the Havanese, their temperament, special needs, characteristics, grooming requirements etc.

Here are a couple good reading resources I can recommend:
The Joyous Havanese by Kathryn Braund 
The Havanese by Diane Klumb and Joanne Baldwin

Here is one of the very best Links with all kinds of information specific to Havanese: 
The A.B.C.’s of Havanese Information

The Havanese is a very good natured dog with a pleasant disposition, does well with children if socialized at an early age, is very rambunctious, and fun to play with.  Every animal has their own personality traits, some are more loving & cuddly, which I have found to be true of my Havanese male, and some are more aloof, as with our dominate female.  Both are a real joy, and very playful.  Although they are a lot of work, proper training and socialization at an early age is very important, as with any dog, and will make the relationship between dog and master a lifelong joy. 

One of the character traits I really appreciate about this Toy Breed is that they are not prone to chew things other than their toys once they get past the puppy stage.  We can leave home with complete security in knowing that nothing will have been destroyed while we are away.  I’ve heard a lot of terrible stories about damage other breeds of dogs do when the owners are away, not the Havanese!

- How much should an adult Havanese weigh?

Well bred standard Havanese adults should weigh from about 10 - 16 pounds.  The Havanese Standard doesn’t currently have a weight, but a height standard only -  “The height range is from 8 1/2 to 11 1/2 inches, with the ideal being between 9 and 10 1/2 inches, measured at the withers.”  Some unscrupulous breeders breed the runts to come up with underweight and unhealthy Havanese.  I strongly advise you to avoid these breeders.

- Do I have the right situation in order to raise a Havanese puppy well? 

You should know that the Havanese is an indoor pet, but also loves to go outdoors in a controlled space.  The Havanese doesn’t like to be left alone, but does quite well with another pet for a companion, especially another Havanese.

- What do I feed Havanese?

To maintain their premium health and coat quality, as well as to insure that they have a balanced, high protein diet, you will find that the cost of feeding them the very best you can find will pay off in many ways, including saving you money at the Vet and extending the quality and longevity of their lives.  There is plenty of debate on which food to feed them, I will gladly tell you what I feed mine, but you will need to be comfortable with that decision yourself. 
A few factors that I find important are:  Human Grade, hormone and antibiotic free ingredients, High Protein and grain-free.  Another thing I have found is to alternate the diet every few months between two or three of your favorites, and find which produce the best health in your dog.

Here are a few of my favorites in alphabetical order, not order of preference:

ACANA, Back to Basics, Blue Buffalo, Canidae, Canine Caviar, Eagle Pack Holistic Select, Natura (Innova & Evo), Solid Gold (Barking at the Moon), and Taste of the Wild.

- What are a Havanese grooming needs?

You may hear that the Havanese is a non-shedding, hypo allergenic dog, which is mostly correct.  The flip side of this coin is that they have a drop coat, which is a cottony under layer of hair that will knot up terribly if not combed out regularly or kept in a puppy cut.  What shedding they do is minimal and generally in the form of little cottony clumps, which are easy to pick up.  If not brushed regularly you will find that they do indeed shed, but not near what most other breeds do.  They are hypo allergenic, and it is my understanding that they don’t have dander, which is a major plus if you suffer from animal hair allergies.

Once they are about 18 months of age the knotting will be much easier to manage.  Until that time many Havanese pet owners have them in a Puppy Cut to avoid the grooming requirements.  If you are wanting to show your Havanese the only cutting that is generally done is around the base of the feet and the pads.

- Are you going to show your Havanese in the AKC Conformation Ring, Agility or Rally Competition? 

If you haven’t shown before, I strongly suggest that you first join your Local Kennel Club.  You will find people there with similar interests who have invaluable experience and can guide you along the process.  You will find them a great help in assisting your puppy in the vital process of Socialization.

- Is shipping puppies by Airlines safe?

My experience has been wonderful, both on the receiving, and the shipping end.  It is my responsibility to insure that I ship only healthy puppies that are weaned, are current on their vaccinations, and have a Health Certificate.  Making proper preparations is important, I wash my puppies prior to shipping, make sure they have ample room and plenty of absorbent material in their well vented shipping crate, plenty of water and food for travel, along with feeding instructions.

Communication with the customer is also important, so I coordinate flight arrangements well in advance and give the customer complete flight and pickup instructions.  I have found several airlines who are accomplished in their shipping procedures and very courteous.  I ship only out of the Portland International Airport, and my experience has been very pleasant and all aspects of the process are handled very professionally.

Live Animal Acceptance Checklist (pdf file)
Gives standard requirements for all airlines to safely transport live animals.
Rest assured, your Puppy will arrive safely and in good health!

Puppy Pricing

Females: $1500, Males: $1200.

$500 Deposit to Hold.

All puppies sold with Limited Registration, which means that they come with a spay/neuter contract, and can not be bred or shown in the AKC ring.  We sell a limited number of Full Registration puppies that are of Show Quality, and cost an additional $500.

Chocolates run higher and are available for Full Registration only
Females: $2300, Males $2000.

- To Be continued ...
Feel free to submit any questions I could possibly answer here for others as well!