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Paul & Kathi Wilson
141 Winston Sec. Rd.
Winston, OR 97496


Mocha#1 Excelsiors Havanese Puppies             Latte_1

Excelsior’s Havanese
Winston, Oregon


Puppies of Previous Litters

              4Pups2     4Pups3

           Four3     Cass1

    The puppies begin socializing early,
with much thanks to our grandchildren!

               Blossom4     Bliss4

  And we adapt them to the outside early ...

         Blo&Roc3      R&B6

Encourage Lots of Love & Play ...
and as soon as we outgrow our swimming pool
we move to our kennel.

           Chow1       Crate1

Early chow and crate training ...

             Inpen1     Outpen1

  As well as indoor paper & outside potty training.

Your puppies come well socialized, healthy, ready to play,
eat, poop outside & sleep in their crate ...
or not, if you prefer to share your bed with them.

            OutdoorKennel2     OutdoorKennel1

We have air conditioning inside and a covered safe shelter outside.


Ricky Ricardo - The Wonder Dog,
and New Mom - Sandy
What a WONDERFUL dog. Good job Wilson’s!”

Ricky - The Wonder Dog, working on Agility Skills.


Our first Litter of Four Puppies have all gone to their Forever Homes,
one each in Oregon, Alaska, California and New Jersey. 

Sky-hi 009

This is Sky-hi from our second litter
and new owner, Yonna (Soft One)

 in Bandon, Oregon

           Sky15weeks     Sky-Hipottytrained


Sky-Hi, now at 18 Weeks.

at home with his new family in Washington state.

                    RR2        RR1


at home in Washington, DC

          CheAtPlay1     CheAtPlay2


 He is loving, secure, and an absolute charmer. Clearly a puppy who has been well-socialized
and very loved, I am so grateful to you for the time, commitment that you
have given in order to bring along a puppy who is ready to be part of our family.
He’s a great dog and mightily loved.  I realize how lucky I was to find you.

I like everything I know about the people who run the kennel,
and their "product".  They were straight, honest, clearly love their dogs
and puppies, and seemed like "good folk".
I really liked that they knew well the personalities of their puppies.
We had lengthy conversations about the right fit ---Paul was funny, patient and got it.
Thank you, Lucinda.


Here’s Fred in his new Colorado home at 15 weeks.


What a doll 

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