Stealth Trackers
The Ultimate Moccasin
for Tracking, Stalking
or Traditional Bowhunting
"The Stealth Tracker"

Like the Moccasins worn by Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro in the Movie,
"The Hunted"


For more information, contact:

141 Winston Section Rd.
Winston, OR 97496




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SodHoppers Payment Page

Tracking-Motorcycle-Stage-Traditional Bowhunting-Stalking
Tracker Moccasin/Moccasins

SodHoppers Payment Information

VISA & M/C credit, debit & Bank card transfers,
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1.  Moccasin Amount See our Moccasin Order Page

2.  U.S.A. Shipping $20 
     Casting Video shipped USPS 1st Class,
       Moccasins shipped USPS Priority
includes Insurance & Delivery Confirmation.

3.  International Priority $65

4.  Priority Canada $55

5.  Moccasin Order Total

6.  Moccasin Payment (minimum $100 Down)
      Balance due prior to scheduling for completion of moccasins. 
       One year to pay in full, pay as you like.

7.  Balance Due on Moccasins

Optional Items:   Must be paid in full to receive. 
Shipping cost is included.

8.  Total Products Payment  See our Products Page

9.  Total Products + Moccasin Payment = Total Amount Charged 

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10.  Payment Method                 rapidssl_ssl_certificate 
    International Orders must pay by PayPal:
     If you wish to Make Payment by PayPal, I will email a Request Payment.
     If you send a check or Money Order, I will mail out Your casting Video
     upon receipt of funds.  Skip to #15 Shipping Information

11.  Card Number (no dashes or spaces)             

12. Expiration Month 

13. Year 

14. Last 3 Digit Security Code on back of card

15. Name as it appears on Credit Card

Shipping Information
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16. First Name

17. Last Name 

18. Address      

19. City             

20. State           

21. Zip              

22. Country      

23. Phone         
                                The best number to reach you by.

24. E-mail        
                       If you do not have an e-mail where I can reach you
                                 you will have to phone in your order.

        Billing Address if different from Shipping Address

25. Address

26. City              

27. State          

28. Zip                 

29. Comments Box


    Successful Submission Should take you to our Thank You Page.


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