Stealth Trackers
The Ultimate Moccasin
for Tracking, Stalking
or Traditional Bowhunting
"The Stealth Tracker"

Like the Moccasins worn by Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro in the Movie,
"The Hunted"


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Moccasins completed within 3 weeks
of my receipt of your cast
and Payment in Full.

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Creating your footwear begins with a cast of your foot and your customized order. With our
Instructional Casting Video you can do this simple duct tape cast yourself in the convenience of your own home. There is an additional charge for two fittings: See "Do I need two fittings", on the Q&A Page for further information. SodHoppers accepts Credit Card payments thru PayPal, VISA & M/C credit, debit & Bank card transfers. Your Order and Payment information is kept confidentially off computer records. Payment can also be made by personal check or money order.

Before we can make your custom footwear, we need your usable foot tracings and the completed cast of your foot. To obtain the casting Video, fill out the order form below and send in your
down payment, minimum $100, payments can be made at your leisure within a one year period. The Casting Video will be sent by USPS First Class mail ASAP. When we receive it back, along with the tracings & cast, with payment made in full, your boots will be scheduled for completion within a 3 week period and shipped Priority U.S. Air Mail, Insured with Delivery Confirmation.


1. Fill out the order form below.

2. Submit Order and mail payment, select PayPal, or call in your Credit Card information.

If you want to order any of the boot examples, simply make a note in the comments section below. You can custom design them to any height and change any of the options, such as colors, buttons, etc. The price is effected by the height and the optional choices. Feel free to call or email me for a quote.

So what is a basic boot? The base price for a particular boot height includes the following: Any color combination, any base trim design, any sole except the Goop sole, any standard buttons (optional buttons as priced), a complete finished edge piping and removable insole. Options are extra due to expense of material or time and labor of application.

Many typical questions have been addressed on our Questions & Answers Page  If you know that your feet are very different from each other, or in doing your cast you determine that you need to do two fittings, see "Do I need two fittings", on the Q&A Page for further information, there is an additional $35 charge. If that is the case, check the Two Fittings box just above the Comments Box.

1. Button Height of Moccasins

The higher the boot height, the more total body support you get. The Kneehigh Boot varies in height between
8 -10 Buttons
(No Additional Cost) depending on the height of the individual. They come to about an inch below the knee. The 2 Button boot comes just above the ankle. The 3 Button boot is the minimum height needed to start feeling a boot-like support. The 5 Button is a lower mid-calf high boot.

2.   View Leather Colors
This is the overall color of the basic boot itself, prior to adding any trim.

The best choice for the main body is Buffalo! It is thick and has excellent stretch, strength, texture and feel. The Bull is also thick and has great strength, but doesn't have the same stretch qualities and takes longer to break in. The Elk is thinner, stretches great, and has less strength and weight than the Buffalo or Bull, no break in period needed. This is a great choice if you want a light weight moccasin not designed for rugged use.

3. Design of Front Piece Trim

A front piece is not mandatory, but adds beauty, and very needed backing strength to the button attachment.

                    SCALLOPJ       SLTCRVJ      ROLLJ      NATEDGEJ
                          Scallop                              Straight                             Roll                       Natural Edge

For Celtic Design examples see Moccasin #'s 13, 15, 21 & 30. View Moccasins

The Natural Edge is taken from the edge of the hide. There are limited areas to use for this purpose and the demand is high, plus it is harder and more time consuming to sew, which is why there is an extra cost involved.
Each piece is unique in shape and may have natural range marks, holes, teats or scars, and every moccasin using the Natural Edge will be uniquely different, no two will ever be alike.

For great examples of boots with natural edging look at Moccasin #'s 3, 10, 11, 16, 20, 23, 26, 28 & 29.

4.    View Leather Colors

If you choose one of the thicker leathers for this trim area, I may substitute it with a lighter weight leather of the same color. This is due to compatibility of the leathers and how they will best function.

5. Optional - Edging On Front Trim
     -like the green edging in front of the redwood scallops on #19
     or ... Natural Trim Front Edging like the green on #29. 
View Moccasins


7. Style of Heel Piece Trim
    If you choose the Full Heelpiece, the Design will match the Front Trim,
    or you may opt for the Natural Heelpiece - priced according to height.

       Full Heelpiece  SCALLOPJTRIM2J  Or  CAPTABSJ Cap & Tabs

You must choose one of these for your heel piece

If you choose the Full Heel Piece, it will usually be cut in the same trim design as the Front Trim. The Full Heel Piece is all one piece with lacing tabs included.

The Cap & Tabs style consist of individual pieces, the cap is the half-moon piece that covers the heel, and the tabs are the individual diamond shaped pieces that the lace goes through.

Either style gives you the needed second support piece around the heel, the difference is mainly a matter of visual choice. The Full Heel piece adds a bit of weight as well as strength & support. The Cap & Tabs makes the boot a little lighter and more maneuverable.

8.    View Leather Colors

This Heel Piece is an important strength piece and should be made from either the Buffalo or Elk, or in some cases Bull. The more colorful Deer frays easily and can damage easily when scraped.

9. Optional - Cuff 

Straight Cuff  CUFF1J  Natural Cuff  CUFF2J

10.   View Leather Colors

If you choose a leather that is either too thick or too thin for the cuff,
I may substitute it with a more compatible leather for best function.

11. Optional - Toe Cap

Toe caps add strength to the toe box region of the boot. If you are hard on this area of your other shoes you probably should add the toe cap. It will take them a bit longer to break in due the the second layer of leather. I don't recommend using the deer hide for this because it will tear through too easily.


I can also make a “One Piece” toe cap that is a continuation of the front trim piece -
see Moccasins #’s 6, 20 & 30.
View Moccasins

12.   View Leather Colors

This Toe Cap is an important strength piece and should be made from either the Buffalo or Elk. Warning: The more colorful Deer frays easily and can damage easily when scraped, and Bull is too stiff.

13. Optional - Fringe


14.    View Leather Colors

If you choose one of the thicker leathers for this trim area, I may substitute it with a lighter weight leather of the same color. This is due to compatibility of the leathers and how they will best function.

15. Buttons   View Buttons

If you want the optional Buttons, remember
that to purchase a 5 Button Boot for example, requires 10 Buttons.

Purchase Additional Buttons Separately

All Standard Buttons are $2 each plus shipping
Optional Buttons: As priced on Button Page (Write in order in comments section at bottom)

16. Soles   View Soles

17. Optional - Arches
These are custom fitted rubber arch cookies wedged between the layers of the insole.

18. Optional - Orthotic Cushioned Insole Insert 
This is a 1/8" shock absorbing material placed between the felt and
leather bottom of the insole for those wanting extra cushioning!

19. Two Fittings

If you know that your feet are very different from each other you will need to do two fittings, see "Do I need two fittings", on the Q&A Page for further information. Questions & Answers Page.

This may be determined after doing the cast and paid for at that time.

20. Casting Video

Total the amount from the above choices:
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Add $20 Shipping for Moccasins within the USA
$45 to Canada, or $65 for International Shipping.

21.  Moccasin Order Total + Shipping

22. Products Total Includes Shipping.

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23. Payment Amount

24. Balance Due

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25. Full Name  

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31. Phone          
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32. E-mail          
If you do not have an E-mail where I can reach you
                               you will have to phone in your order.

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our assurance of quality is branded on the inside leg area of the heel
of all our boots, unless specified below in the Comments Box.

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Due to increased online fraud and tightened security, costs to maintain a private secure server have forced me to eliminate this convenience. All credit card payments will have to either be handled over the phone, or SodHoppers will send you a PayPal Payment Request for Credit Card purchases.  You may also send check or Money Orders.

I am sorry to have to make these changes, but it will save us both money and ensure safe credit transactions.

Payment Options

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By clicking on the Submit Button to place your Order,
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SodHoppers Contract

A contract is established between you the customer, and SodHoppers, once moneys have exchanged hands in expectation for goods - moccasins. This contract binds me, SodHoppers, to make you the customer, a custom pair of moccasins as written on your order form/receipt, in a timely manner, usually within 3 weeks of my receipt of the usable cast, tracings, casting video, and payment in full.

Orders can be changed at any time prior to the actual start of the order.

No cancellations or refunds.

Once a contract has been made by placing an order, and making a deposit, customers have one year to complete their end of the contract, to pay in full and get the usable cast, tracings and casting video back to me. If this period lapses without completion of payment in full, or return of the usable cast, tracings and casting video, the contract is void and all payments are forfeited. Orders that have been placed, paid for in full, and not acted upon within one year from the date of order, or have not returned the usable cast, tracings and casting video, are considered in default of contract. SodHoppers is under no obligation after this one year time period has elapsed. It is your responsibility to complete your end of this contract within one year of initial payment on your order, to send the usable cast, tracings and casting video back to me. I do not honor cancellations or make refunds under any circumstances.

SodHoppers Guarantee

SodHoppers Guarantees that your moccasins will fit and be custom made to your order. I also guarantee all my work, materials, and craftsmanship to stand up for a period of one full year. If anything goes wrong with them in that period of time, outside of neglect or abuse, notify me. I will make any necessary repairs or replacements free of charge. All I ask in return is that you follow my instructions when making the cast, and tracings, and be willing to incur the shipping costs to me. I will in turn make the repairs ASAP and pay the shipping back to you. This is usually handled within 2 weeks of the time I receive your moccasins.

I stand by all my work. I do not however offer a refund. If you are not satisfied with your moccasins in any way, I will do most anything to try and make you a happy customer. My business survives on good customer relations. Please read the customer comments section to see how other's feel about SodHoppers product and customer relations.

The longevity of these top-grain-buffalo & Elk moccasins depends on their upkeep. With proper care, they should give you 10 - 20 years of comfortable wear. Refer to Care Instructions on the Q&A page.

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