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Paul & Kathi Wilson
141 Winston Sec. Rd.
Winston, OR 97496


Mocha#1 Excelsiors Havanese Puppies             Latte_1

Excelsior’s Havanese
Winston, Oregon


Sorry, no puppies again till this summer

Below are photos our last litter of Havanese

Kona our Chocolate Female

Home in South Carolina!
She is an almost solid Deep Dark Bittersweet Chocolate,
with silver undertones and facial highlights,
with white toes, and white mark on chest.



Kona has a very rare coloration called Agouti or Wild.
Her Rich Dark Bittersweet Chocolate is banded with rings of



15 Weeks old - has all vaccinations including rabies,
and is almost completely potty trained.

      Kona15weeks4    Kona15weeks5


          KonaNaomi               Kona6weeks3





                 Kona8weeks3   Kona8weeks4

     Kona8-10-2   Kona8-10-1


9 1/2 weeks Photos below


Our Chocolate Koala Want-A-B


Who’s new name is Rocky
home with new family in Washington state.

                  RR2     RR1

     Male - Black & White Parti

Rocko has a more even mix of Black & White, although they all have completly white legs and undersides.  He was first in birth order but is not in contention to be top dog.  More relaxed on the whole.  Beuatiful markings and coloration!

         Rocko9-29e    Rocko9-29i

     Rocko9-29b1   Rocko9-29f

      Rocko8weeks2       Rocko8weeks3

              Rocko8-10-3     Rocko8-10-1


Hot, but Happy.

9 1/2 weeks Photos below

          Rocko9weeks2     Rocko9weeks1

     Mocha&Rocko1     Latte&Rocko1

Rocko Playing with Mocha & Latte (Dad & Mom).

Who’s new name is Che
home in Washington, DC

Here’s a note from Che’s new owner ...

He is loving, secure, and an absolute charmer. Clearly a puppy who has been well-socialized and very loved, I am so grateful to you for the time and commitment that you have given in order to bring along a puppy who is ready to be part of our family. He’s a great dog and mightily loved.  I realize how lucky I was to find you.

I like everything I know about the people who run the kennel, and their "product".  They were straight, honest, clearly love their dogs and puppies, and seemed like "good folk". I really liked that they knew well the personalities of their puppies. We had lengthy conversations about the right fit ---Paul was funny, patient and got it.
Thank you, Lucinda.

            CheAtPlay1     CheAtPlay2


Male - Black & White Parti.

Reno has vied for top dog position from day 1.  He is a beautiful feisty puppy with
more curly style hair like our male, Mocha.  He has the most white of all our Parti’s. 
See some of his other photos way below to see his white side.

       Reno9-29b     Reno9-29c

                   Reno9-29a     Reno9-29d


                Reno8weeks1     Reno8-10-1


 Heat wave!



9 1/2 weeks Photos below

      Reno9weeks4     Reno9weeks1



     Latte&Reno1     Latte&Reno2

Latte & Reno (Mama & Baby) at Play


Mama showing Baby Who’s Boss!

The Dog Days of Summer
Gotta Run & Play Outside!

     Outdoors2     Outdoors1

               Outdoors4     Outdoors5

      Outdoors6     Outdoors3

              Outdoors8     Outdoors7


home in Colorado
Male - Deep Dark Chocolate & White Parti

     Here’s Fred in his new home at 15 weeks.


FRED is the cutest, most adorable, and hugable of the bunch. 
He has Extreme Rich Dark Chocolate, which lighten a bit around the eyes.
What can I say, he is a real beauty!

             Choco9-29a          Choco9-29b




Fred is the 1st to leave for his new home in Colorado.
Bathed, Blow Dried, Brushed & Crated ...

          FredBathed     FredBrushed

      FredBeauty     FredCrated


At 7 Weeks and are nearly weaned, they have full run
of the indoor and outdoor kennel, are eating dry kibble,
pottying outside and using the paper inside.




Older Photos of Earlier Life Below

All 4 Males shown on day 1, but one is spoken for,
as are the other two from the litter.

        #1 Male       #2 Male

  “Rocko” our first born & “Reno”: both Black & White Parti

         #3 Male         #4 Male

“Sky”: almost all black & “Fred”: Dark Chocolate & White Parti

Three Weeks Old Photos Below

     001     107

                                                                        Fred, Reno & Rocko - group hug.

                     024     031

                                                      Kona                             &                          Fred


Granddaughters - Kendra, Naomi & Cassidy

         038     040


          Shad&Ch1     111

                                           Sky and Fred                                               Reno on Rocko


Fred    -    Sky        -    Reno      -      Rocko

         084         Shadow2

      Our Grandaughter Naomi with Sky.

Four Weeks of Age
Romper Room Time

   Romper Room1     Romper Room2


Who’s that doggie in the mirror?



Reno’s first attempt at using the ramp and outside doggy door.

                 4+Weeks12          4+Weeks18

     Fred, what a hunk!                                     Reno taking five


Rocko it’s teething time.

       4+Weeks16    4+Weeks6  

 Kona on the prowl.                                        Fred testing the ramp.


 Sky too hot to trot.

All our AKC Havanese Puppies will come with:

Two Year Genetic Replacement Warranty
Veterinary Certified Health Certificate
(If needed for shipping by airlines)
Dew Claws Removed
Vaccination Records
Champion Pedigree
AKC Registration
Health Guarantee

Choice will be given according to order of
receipt of Deposit and Application.
Accepting Deposits Now!

We are home breeders with only one breeding pair
and breed only once a year.

A Written Contract comes with all our puppies.

All puppy eyes start out blue in color and will eventually change to their final adult color.  They have a protective film over the eyes which can take several weeks to be absorbed.  They can only see light and blurred shapes for awhile.  Hearing begins a few days later, and like sight, takes time before being able to discern where the sounds are coming from.  At about 4 weeks of age they really come alive, can’t get enough attention or playtime.  They squeal, howl, and practice barking.

Puppy Pricing

Females: $1500, Males: $1200.

Chocolates run higher
Females: $2000, Males: $1700.

$500 Deposit to Hold.
Deposit is nonrefundable
(unless unable to provide a puppy of the requested color and sex)

All puppies sold with Limited Registration, which means that they come with a spay/neuter contract, and can not be bred or shown in the AKC ring.  We sell a limited number of Full Registration puppies that are of potential Show Quality, at an additional cost of $500.

(click on Application above)
A Written Contract comes with all our puppies.

We accept VISA & MasterCard, PayPal
as well as Money Orders and Personal Checks.

Pick-up is preferred, but Shipping is Available.
Live Animal Acceptance Checklist (pdf file)
Gives standard requirements for all airlines to safely transport live animals.
Rest assured, your Puppy will arrive safely and in good health!

Visits after puppies are 5 weeks old is highly encouraged,
but not before due to health concerns.

Finding and choosing the right puppy can be a real challenge.
Here are a few things to look for and avoid:

“Objective studies by ethologists show that vital animal imprinting begins in hour one of life.  That puppies who are bonded to humans during both the neonatal (1-2 weeks) and transitional (3 weeks) period respond by developing faster mentally and physically.  They also exhibit greater confidence throughout the entire socialization period.”
The Joyous Havanese by Kathryn Braund

This being the case, it is vitally important to know all you can about the breeders practices, socialization, diet, nursery, care etc.  Who you choose is as important as which dog you choose.  Ask questions! 
Millions of puppy buyers purchase puppies who have been adversely imprinted during their early weeks, causing behavioral problems that are not seen sometimes till after 5 months or until an adult.  They can be difficult to live with and extremely hard to train.  Our dog pounds are full of these unwanted pets, through no fault of their own.

What is a Puppy Mill ...
(by definition)

- Puppy mills are breeding facilities that produce purebred puppies in large numbers. The puppies are sold either directly to the public via the Internet, newspaper ads, at the mill itself, or are sold to brokers and pet shops across the country.

- A place where several breeds of dogs are raised and the breeder always has puppies for sale.

- A dirty, trashy place where one or several breeds of dogs are kept in deplorable conditions and puppies are always available.

- A place where a single breed of dog is raised in acceptable conditions and puppies are always available.

- A place where lots of dogs are raised, where breeding is done solely for financial gain rather than protection of breed integrity, and where puppies are sold to brokers or pet stores.

Buyer beware, you usually get what you pay for! 

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