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Paul & Kathi Wilson
141 Winston Sec. Rd.
Winston, OR 97496


Mocha#1 Excelsiors Havanese Puppies             Latte_1

Excelsior’s Havanese
Winston, Oregon


Excelsior’s Latte Cream Of Amoritas
Sire: CH Salemi Zorro El Morro
Dam: Kind Hearted Soul The Noble-Minded
Latte’s Pedigree
(Red lettering signifies a Champion)

We became the proud parents of Latte, our first Havanese when she was 13 weeks old.  What a doll!  On site she instantly bonded with her new people.  She flew in from Florida to Portland, and then made the three hour drive South to our home in Winston, Oregon in restful bliss, she loves to travel!


     Latte was barely the size of her favorite stuffed toy “Tigger” when she
      first joined our family, that being her Daddy & Mommy.  We found her personality to
     be very gentle, quiet and composed.  That was up until Mocha entered the picture!
Latte remains the top dog, although I am the Alpha!


Latte takes her first bath from her new Daddy,
and after a blow dry is ready to play!
Latte has a very sweet personality, although she is not as personable as Mocha,
she has bonded best to her new Mommy, always wants up in her lap or to lay by her on the bed ...
when she isn’t wanting to play that is.  Play is tops on both our Havanese list of favorite things to do. 
Latte loves to be clean, it’s the process she’s not all that thrilled about.


At six months of age Latte started her
AKC Conformation show ring career.

IMG_3145         IMG_1998

IMG_3142           IMG_4370

IMG_4339        IMG_4338

        IMG_4374      IMG_3144             

Numerous Show Ribbons


Latte at 9 months ...  and she’s a real knockout!

IMG_3472    IMG_3601

And at just over 1 year, I’d say she’s ready for prime time!
On the cusp”, other breeders have told me.


 Latte2yrs1   Mocha2yrs2


Latte is now a bit over 2 years old now, and in her puppy cut
squinting in the bright sun,
ready to get down to the business of being a Mom again.

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