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Stealth Trackers
The Ultimate Moccasins
for Tracking, Stalking
Tactical, Earthing,
or Traditional Bowhunting
"The Stealth Tracker"

Like the Moccasins worn by Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro in the Movie,
"The Hunted"


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Winston, OR 97496



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SodHoppers Custom Footwear

Tracking-Motorcycle-Stage-Traditional Bowhunting-Stalking
Tactical-Police-Military-Western-Hiking-Diabetic-Hard To Fit
Tracker Moccasin/Moccasins



How To Make Moccasins

Apprenticeship DVD’s & Manual


Want to learn a trade? Want to be your own boss?
Want to learn how to make your own Custom Moccasins?

You Can! Here's How...

Purchase SodHoppers "How To Video & Manual" $500

NEW High Quality Digital 4 DVD Set
New for 2009 - LightScribe Burned Labels
for playable compatibility.

Here’s what a few Customers had to say:

“I received the How To DVD’s yesterday. I stayed up until 11 last night watching it.
It was like a great book I couldn't put down!
I can't wait to get started after viewing it a few more times.
I plan to have a DVD player and TV in my work area to refer to while I work.
I am looking forward to working with you.”

I've wanted a pair of these boots since I went to the Renaissance Festival here in Georgia and saw them offered from Bald Mountain Moccasins, some 20 years ago now. I think I will enjoy them even more knowing that I made them myself. Thank you for making those videos, I have enjoyed them immensely, and have had lots of fun learning how to make these boots. I've already taken a cast of my wife's foot, and a pair for her will be in the works shortly.
Thanks again for making the “How To Videos”.  I learned a lot that has really helped me not only to make moccasins, but other projects as well.

Christopher A. Johnson

Paul, I received your How to Manual & DVD Set yesterday. I read the manual last night & just finished watching all 4 DVD'S. My eyes are a bit tired & red & my t.v.. smells a little hot but I just wanted to say thank you so much for making this DVD set available.

I have been doing beadwork & working with buckskin & leather going on 3 years & have wasted a LOT of money on various patterns & videos for making mocassins which turned out to be totally useless. I finally found your web site & fell in love with your mocassins. I simply had to have your instructions. Looking at numerous web sites I knew your information was far superior & I am thrilled with the whole process & how you detail EVERYTHING!!

You are a true Master at your craft & left nothing out of your DVD's & I can't thank you enough! This is an absolutely incredible resource & WELL worth the 500.00. If only I had known sooner I could have saved myself a lot of money & frustration.

Thank you so much again. Your work is fantastic - Liz


NEW for 2010 4 DVD Set
-with additional footage
using LightScribe technology for easy playability
You can be making boots like these!



 Receive Complete Apprenticeship Training In All Aspects Of:

  • Casting
  • Patterns
  • Leathers
  • Cutting & Skiving
  • Sewing
  • Glues & Attachment
  • Soling
  • Buttons
  • Finish Work
  • Tools, Equipment & Supplies

 Here's what you receive:

  • "How To Video & Manual"  6 Hours of Video Instruction:
  • Contains all the above training information. It takes you through the complete process
    of making a custom pair of kneehigh moccasins, from start to finish. With this Video
    you will be able to make your own moccasins. The Manual has 60 color photos and written explanation of the complete moccasin making process. After you view the video, you can use the manual as a visual aid in the step-by-step process while making boots. Also, the NEW 4 DVD Set makes it easy to go back and review the video wherever you want! As important as it is to have the knowledge to make the boots, is the complete resource information given at the back of the manual, including wholesale suppliers of tools, supplies, and materials from buttons to leather. Nothing is left out! Plus, you have access to Ongoing Consultation whenever you want! Not a cinematographic wonder... but, a complete apprentice program.

 Everything you'll need to get started, it's all included!

  • "How To Video & Manual 4 DVD Set" $500

    Order on our Products Page.
  • The Digital Quality Video and Digital Sound on the DVD is very good, and is much easier to navigate around the 9 separated chapters for reviewing purposes, however, you are purchasing my expertise and training in boot making, not my skills in cinematography. Also included in this price is on going Consultation Support.
  • I will critique your work in progress through e-mail photos or by mail.
  • One customer who purchased the "How To Video & Manual" said,
    "The manual is excellent but the video is even better!"
  • Here's another comment:
    "This is by far the most complete how-to series of any that I have ever seen. The only thing missing seems to be how to skin the bison. Your attention to detail is incredible and it comes through in the video.”
  • The answer to the question:
    "Can I really learn to make these moccasins with just the How To Video and Manuel?" The answer is a resounding YES!
  • The resource information and ongoing consultation are worth the cost of this apprentice "How To Video & Manual" package alone!
  • Another question is ... what are the additional equipment and material investment costs?  The costs can vary quite a bit depending on what you are intending to do, but one can start making numerous pair of moccasins, or start a business with  an Industrial Sewing Machine which is about $1000, other tools and materials will be around an additional $1000.  Of course you can, as others have, make these with basic hand tools as well for hardly any additional cost other than the materials.
  • Here are a few of the over 60 Photos found in the manual.

G4Glue Manual12

For further information go to the Questions & Answers  page link, or email me.

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